Just like you, we've been busy getting ready for the holidays here at King Arthur Flour. From our bakers' hotline team ("No, you didn't ruin your starter"), to those packing and sending out your catalogue orders (over 66,000 this month alone), to the friendly folks in our Café here in Vermont, we've put our collective shoulders to the wheel and PUSHED – long and hard.

And that's just fine. We're an employee-owned company, and we've got each other's backs. When the number of orders waiting to be packed overwhelms our warehouse team, a group from finance or HR might step in and lend a hand. And when the questions from first-time bread bakers or curious cookie decorators start to pile up for our customer service bakers, the test kitchen crew helps keep things moving.

After all, during this season of giving, we want everyone to bake and share – and that means doing whatever it takes to get flour and espresso powder to your door ASAP, or to make sure every baking question is answered not when we get the chance, but in real time – while the bread isn't rising or the fudge isn't setting.

Despite the craziness, though, we always welcome the chance to take a few moments to be silly – with this video as evidence. Thanks to our visual media producer Julia Reed – and everyone who stepped in front of the camera – for creating this antic "greeting card," which we see as a big THANK YOU for  inviting us into your kitchen: to provide you with tools and ingredients, help with your challenges, and to share with you the pure joy of baking, now and throughout the year.

Happy holidays, and here's to 2015!

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