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Woman and young girl baking together

10 ways baking brings us joy

How we bake up happiness at King Arthur Baking Company

King Arthur Baking Company quilt

Connected by a common thread

Our employee-owners came together during challenging times

Woman rolling pastry on large table.

Live, learn, and bake

The newly renamed King Arthur Baking Company remains devoted to education

Group of King Arthur flours

Why we’re changing our name after 230 years

A reflection of who we’ve always been

Suzanne McDowell and Jack Higgins

Baking taught me about being an ally

Much like identity, love, and pride, baking looks different for everyone

Kelly Fields

How baking brought me full circle

Baking helped me navigate my journey as a gay woman

Frank in the test kitchen

Baking helped me come out of the closet

For me, being gay and a baker are intertwined

A plate of cream scones next to a book and a person holding a mug of coffee

Baking as therapy

Relaxing recipes for challenging times

Toast spread with strawberry jam.

Buttered toast and jam

A quick and simple path to comfort

A mother and a daughter baking together happily

Baking with mom

Memories from our kitchens

Bill and Carl Mai in Kansas

Where our white whole wheat flour starts

Better flour starts at the very beginning: on the farm

Just Bread

Creating a better sandwich bread

The mission behind Just Bread

Frank measures loaves of bread in the King Arthur test kitchen

Meet Frank, King Arthur's top flour cop

His four-step bakeability test ensures you get the highest quality flour every time

Dayna Evens in the King Arthur Flour Baking School at the Bread Lab

Baking a difference with Dayna Evans

Her Permanent Bake Sale supports charities through sourdough

Chef John Kraus in front of shelves of baked goods

Patisserie 46

John Kraus is in the business of crafting happiness through baking

Overhead view of Russ and daughters menu and smoked fish platter

Russ & Daughters

How one family keeps traditional Jewish foods alive in New York City

Mediterra owner Nick Ambeliotis behind the bakery counter

Mediterra Café

A dedicated family brings great baking to the neighborhood

Coupe du Monde via @kingarthurflour

Jerod Pfeffer's quest for the Coupe du Monde

A rising star works to perfect traditional artisan baking

Grateful Bread via @kingarthurflour

Grateful Bread

Remarkable artisan loaves from a Rocky Mountain baker

The Holy Donut via @kingarthurflour

The Holy Donut

Maine's hand-cut doughnuts with a local touch

Rediscovering Local Wheat

Rediscovering local wheat

King Arthur Flour is proud to support Steven Jones and The Bread Lab as they recreate local grain networks.

Secret to Amazing Gluten-Free

The secret to amazing gluten-free goods

Making gluten-free cake that doesn't taste gluten-free requires hundreds and hundreds of taste-tests.

Greyston Bakery

Baking a Better World

How New York's Greyston Bakery is tackling big social issues, one brownie at a time.


Driving hunger from communities

At Philabundance, a network of food bank programs creates a dynamic social safety net