It's that time of year. Time to dust off the rolling pin, come home from the orchard or farm stand, and choose which fall pie recipes will grace your table.

Sift has done some exploring for you, and would like you to make the acquaintance of the talented Emily Hilliard. She contributed the feature story on the cover: the Anthropology of Pie. We think it's a fascinating story, and hope you'll pick up your own copy of Sift to read it. But if you want to cut to the chase and get baking, Emily has shared some of the show-stopping recipes from her blog, Nothing in the House, with us – and now, with you!

Her recipes are unique, creative, and very, very tasty.

fall pie recipes via@kingarthurflourTake this riff on a fall favorite, Delicata Squash Pie. Those beautiful gold- and green-striped squash bake up smooth and sweet, and are dressy enough to deserve a swirl of heavy cream for a bit of bling on top.

Fall Pie recipes via@kingarthurflourOr salute this harvest time with two flavors that liven up a classic pie category. Chess pies are custard-based, with a hint of cornmeal in the filling for crunch. Emily livens up the whole shebang by baking a Cranberry Chocolate Chess version. Sweet, tart, rich, and toothsome, it'll be sure to wake up the Thanksgiving dessert table.

Fall Pie recipes via@kingarthurflourThe everyday becomes exotic in the hands of Emily's friend Alison Kave, author of First Prize Pies. This Bourbon Ginger Pecan Pie is her invention. Three kinds of ginger for spice, brown sugar and maple syrup for sweet, and bourbon for smoooooooth.

Fall Pie recipes via@kingarthurflourLast, but most definitely not least, is this tour de force: Passion fruit Meringue Pie with Macadamia Crust. Luscious passion fruit curd sits on a crunchy macadamia and gingersnap crust, crowned with a toasted meringue that commands attention. And tasting.

Find this recipe and so many other baking discoveries in Sift.

fall pie recipes via@kingarthurflourLet's not forget the Gingered Plum Streusel beauty on the cover!

Join us in celebrating all great flavors this fall, as we live, breathe, and most enthusiastically, bake.

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