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Sugar Swap

See why so many bakers are making the switch.

Baking Sugar Alternative

Baking Sugar Alternative is made by bakers, for bakers.

In low-carb baking, flavor doesn’t always come out on top – until now. It was our mission to create a sugar alternative that acts, looks, and tastes like real sugar. Our 1-to-1 Baking Sugar Alternative lets you enjoy your favorite recipes easily, whether you're lowering your calories or watching your sugar intake. Simply substitute for granulated sugar and start enjoying your favorite treats!

See why so many bakers are making the Sugar Swap. 

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• Zero calories

• Zero carbs

• Zero aftertaste

• Substitute 1-to-1 with granulated sugar in your favorite recipes


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customer stories

Why bakers are making the switch

Here at King Arthur, we’re use to getting a lot of positive feedback from consumers about our products. But since debuting our Baking Sugar Alternative last year, we've been especially blown away by the love for this new sugar substitute.

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Test Kitchen Tips


Measure by volume, not weight

Substitute 1-to-1 for granulated sugar by volume (measuring cup), not by weight. Learn more tips by checking out our in-depth blog post.

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Keep an eye on the clock

Treats made with Baking Sugar Alternative will brown more quickly and often be done sooner, so check for doneness 75% of the way through your bake time.

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Sub for other sugars, too

Sub for other sugars, too

With small adjustments, you can also substitute Baking Sugar Alternative for brown sugar and confectioners' sugar.

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Recipe Colleciton

Baking Sugar Alternative Recipes

You can use Baking Sugar Alternative in your favorite baked goods, but we’re also thrilled to share brand new recipes created specifically for this sugar substitute. All designed to be keto-friendly, these treats are the place to go if you’re looking for a low-carb indulgence.

5 Stars

“Tastes the closest to real sugar of all the many substitutes I've tried in my baking. I would recommend to everyone, I even recommended it to my doctor!”

Donald S., verified buyer from Havre, Montana