Cake Skills Posts

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just want a sweet afternoon treat, it's always time for cake. And we've got plenty of blog posts to help you get there, from a breakdown of mixing methods to tips on getting your Bundt unstuck.  

Stand mixer with batter trailing from whisk

What does "ribbon stage" mean?

Whipping up light and fluffy cakes

Slices of pound cake on plates topped with fresh fruit and berries

How to make the ultimate pound cake

6 tips for sweet success

A chocolate cake pan cake topped with chocolate frosting and a few slices on plates

A family of cake recipes

Cake Pan Cakes take the spotlight

How to tell when chocolate cake is done via @kingarthurflour

How to tell when cake is done

Bake chocolate cake perfectly

How to convert cake to cupcakes via @kingarthurflour

How to convert cake to cupcakes

A few simple steps is all it takes

How to bake high-rising cakes via @kingarthurflour

How to bake high-rising cakes

Which mixer attachment works best?

best-cake-frostings-for-hot-weather via@kingarthurflour

The best cake frosting for hot weather

Avoiding the total meltdown

Bake Cake Evenly via @kingarthurflour

How to bake cake evenly

Preventing the dreaded dome

glass or metal via@kingarthurflour

Glass or metal or stoneware

Which is the "right" pan?

Stuck Bundt via @kingarthurflour

Stuck Bundt

When a Bundt cake doesn't budge

Cake Mixing Methods via @kingarthurflour

Cake mixing methods

How to get the results you want

How to reduce sugar in cake via @kingarthurflour

How to reduce sugar in cake

Sweet success

Baking Cake In A Dark Pan via @kingarthurflour

Baking cake in a dark pan

Burn prevention


Creaming butter and sugar

The right temperature, the right timing, the best results for your baking.