Let’s be honest: Super Bowl parties are 50% about watching the game and 50% about eating the snacks (and that’s being generous when it comes to the football). Whether you’re hosting the gathering or attending one as a guest, give everyone something to cheer about with crowd-pleasing snacks that are perfect for game day. 

A pretzel focaccia cut into long strips on a cutting board next to an assortment of dipping sauces Photography by Rick Holbrook; food styling by Kaitlin Wayne
Pretzel Focaccia is golden brown and delicious — ideal for dipping in an assortment of sauces.

1) Pretzel Focaccia 

Rather than a bowl of boring pretzels to serve alongside your favorite dips, make a batch of this fluffy, salty Pretzel Focaccia. Cut it into long strips, bread stick-style, to make dipping easy. I love to dunk it in stone-ground honey mustard sauce; hot sauce would also be delicious for those who like things spicy. 

A meat-lover's pizza sliced into long strips Liz Neily
Top this meat lover’s pizza with your favorite sausage — plant-based “meat” counts too.  

2) Super-Sausage Pizza 

Pizza is a must-have at Super Bowl gatherings. This Super-Sausage Pizza has a flavorful, hearty crust that can hold a generous layer of toppings. Semolina flour gives the crust a slight crunch and golden hue, while Pizza Dough Flavor ensures there’s umami-laced, garlicky flavor in every bite.

A bowl of homemade pita chips with dip in the center Liz Neily
Snack spreads aren't complete without something supremely crunchy — pita chips check that box.

3) Pita Chips 

Storebought pita chips are good, but homemade pita chips blow them out of the water. They’re extra-crunchy when fresh from the oven (especially if you bake them on a pizza stone), and you can top the chips any way you want. I like to divide the batch in half and give one portion a shower of salt and herbs, and the other a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. It lets eaters play the field. 

Two platters of mini brownie bites topped with whipped cream and dusted with cinnamon sugar Liz Neily
Brownies, but make them small and snackable.

4) Brownie Bites

While savory bakes are crowd-favorites at Super Bowl parties, we’ve pulled some of our favorite sweet recipes off the bench and encourage you to throw them into your lineup too. Start with something that’s universally loved: thick, fudgy brownies. Make them more snackable by downsizing them into these Brownie Bites.  

If you have any leftovers at the end of the night, they can be a pick-me-up for any disappointed fans. Losing is always easier to stomach if it’s accompanied by chocolate. 

A sheet pan of coconut caramel bars topped with a layer of chocolate and toasted caramel Shilpa Iyer
Chocolate, caramel, and coconut — these dessert bars are guaranteed crowd-pleasers.

5) Grand Prize Coconut Caramel Bars 

If the losers take home extra Brownie Bites, fans of the winning team should celebrate with these Grand Prize Coconut Caramel Bars. They were the blue prize winner at a local baking contest, and we’ve thought of them as grand prize bars ever since. It’s not hard to imagine them outshining the competition with their toasted coconut, rich chocolate, and gooey caramel layers. 

A baker tearing open a freshly baked grilled calzone next to a small bowl of pizza sauce for dipping Photography by Justin Cash; Styling by Liz Neily
Can't imagine cheesy calzones getting any better? Try cooking them on the grill!​​

6) Grilled Calzones 

Sports and grilling go together like Netflix and chilling. And the Super Bowl is no exception. Mix up dough made with '00' Pizza Flour, fire up the grill, and prepare a selection of your favorite toppings. (Reserve some of the cheese leftover from building your charcuterie board for your calzones!) 

The grilled calzones have a pleasantly smoky flavor. Plus, gathering outside around the grill before kickoff is a prime opportunity to give your opponents a hard time about any losses or blunders their team racked up during the season. 

A plate of crunchy, cheesy parmesan crackers on a kitchen table Shilpa Iyer
If you like Cheez-Its, you’re going to love these enticing, snackable munchies. 

7) Crunchy Parmesan Crackers 

Up your cheese board game with homemade crackers. Everyone will be impressed when you mention the crackers are made from scratch. When you make your own, you can make them extra cheesy with the addition of both Parmesan cheese and Better Cheddar Powder.

Marbled Chocolate Chip Cookies Photography by Danielle Sykes; Styling by Kaitlin Wayne
Can't decide between something rich and chocolatey and a classic chocolate chip cookie? Have them both with these Marbled Chocolate Chip Cookies.

8) Marbled Chocolate Chip Cookies 

If you’re attending a Super Bowl gathering where there’ll be a distinct divide between fans, show them how opposing sides can come together in peace with these Marbled Chocolate Chip Cookies. Regular chocolate chip cookie dough is swirled together with cocoa-enriched dough to create a unique cookie that’s better than either one on its own. 

A handful of savory cheese biscotti on a kitchen surface, ready for snacking Sift Magazine
Think outside the biscotti box and try making these crunchy snacks savory.

9) Savory Cheese Biscotti 

Want some extra crunch with all that cheese? Then biscotti is the snack you need. While biscotti are often thought of as subtly sweet cookies ideal for dunking in coffee, they can also take a turn to the savory side. They’re fantastic additions to snack spreads because of their satisfying crunch and their easy dip-ability.

Scallion Sesame Hot Dog Buns Photography by Rick Holbrook; Food Styling by Kaitlin Wayne
Umami, buttery, and nutty — these decorative hot dog buns have it all. 

10) Sesame Scallion Hot Dog Buns 

This gorgeous snackable bake takes pigs-in-a-blanket to the next level. To make this Chinese bakery staple, slices of hot dog are wrapped in a tender scallion milk bread dough, then arranged in a flower pattern. A shower of sesame seeds adds crunch. These will hands-down be the fanciest (and potentially the most delicious) hot dogs you’ll ever see at a Super Bowl party. 

Faux-Reos King Arthur
Black cocoa gives these cookies their characteristic dark color.

11) Faux-Reos 

Storebought chocolate sandwich cookies will do in a pinch, but when you make them homemade, you can customize the color of the filling to match your team’s colors. Use food coloring (we prefer natural) to mix up the right hue and fold it into your soft, creamy sandwich filling. 

For authentically dark and chocolatey cookies, be sure to use black cocoa in the dough. It’ll contrast beautifully with the filling, whether you leave it white or give it a splash of color. 

A platter of swirled, savory cheese and onion buns Photography by Rick Holbrook; Food Styling by Kaitlin Wayne
These buns share a vibe with French onion soup: cheesy, savory, and comforting.

12) Cheese and Onion Swirl Buns 

This bake is guaranteed to turn heads when people realize these cinnamon bun look-alikes are actually filled with cheese and onions. The enriched dough is rich and buttery, while the filling boasts oozy, melty cheese. They’re best served warm: Pop them into a low oven (300°F) about 10 minutes before the halftime show and pull them out once warmed through. You’ll have satisfying finger food to enjoy during the always-entertaining performance.  

Cheesy pepperoni bites baked in mini muffin pan, some broken in half Shilpa Iyer
Game-watchers will find themselves popping these pizza bites into their mouths one after another.

13) Cheesy Pepperoni Bites 

If you’re looking to serve pizza in a snackable format, these adorable little pepperoni bites are just the ticket. They pack all the flavors of pizza in one little handheld package. The Pizza Seasoning garnish, while optional, adds some heat with its chili flakes, and the blend of dried herbs adds classic Italian pizza flavor. For the biggest yum factor, don’t skip it!

A platter of soft garlic knots on a table with some torn in half to show the soft interior Liz Neily
Skip the takeout order and make garlic knots yourself.

14) Soft Garlic Knots 

Want even more pizzeria-style snacks? We’ve got just what you need: super-soft, butter-drenched garlic knots. The secret ingredients are potato flour and pastry flour blend, which together make the softest rolls possible. (All-purpose flour can be substituted for the pastry flour blend if you’re looking for slightly chewier rolls. Unlike the final score of the game, the outcome is up to you!) 

Gluten-Free Soft Pretzels
Gluten-free folks should be included in your snack party — be sure to include something tasty and gluten-free in your spread (like these Gluten-Free Soft Pretzels). 

15) Gluten-Free Soft Pretzels 

If there are any sports fans with special diet needs in your group, make their night by preparing a snack that’s suitable for them, too. Soft pretzels are a classic Super Bowl snack, and with our Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour, you can make a gluten-free version that’s just as easy to whip up as its wheat-based counterpart. Slightly chewy and studded in pretzel salt, these will please anyone, regardless of their diet.  

Two plates of keto-friendly cheesecake bars topped with fruit sauce Liz Neily
You’d never know these luscious cheesecake bars contain no added sugar.

16) Keto-Friendly Cheesecake Bars 

Watching the big game together builds community, even if fans are rooting for opposing teams. Make sure everyone at the gathering knows they’re appreciated and welcome, including those with special diet needs. For people avoiding carbs or sugar, make these Keto-Friendly Cheesecake Bars. They get their sweetness from Baking Sugar Alternative, and the base is made from low-carb Keto Wheat Flour. With this sweet, creamy treat, everyone has something to enjoy. 

Tell us what snacks you'll be preparing for this year's Super Bowl viewing, in the comments below. For more party-inspired recipes, check out our collection of Big-Batch Sandwich recipes.

Cover photo (Marbled Chocolate Chip Cookies) by Danielle Sykes; styling by Kaitlin Wayne.

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Marbled Chocolate Chip Cookies
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