With September here, it’s time to make a triumphant return to our ovens after a sweltering summer hiatus. To ease into the first days of autumn, we’re sharing a baker’s dozen’s worth of recipes to make this month, from a doughnut-inspired apple cake that’s perfect for a lunchbox to a seed-filled sourdough granola to make busy mornings a bit more bearable. 

Tahini Poppy Seed Pound Cake Photography by Danielle Sykes; Food Styling by Kaitlin Wayne
A not-too-sweet poundcake perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea.

1) Tahini Poppy Seed Pound Cake 

It’s nutty, it’s seedy, it’s an excellent candidate for all-day snacking: This pound cake, enriched with tahini, has it all. 

Pretzel Focaccia Photography by Rick Holbrook; Food Styling by Kaitlin Wayne
The light, chewy nature of focaccia meets the malty flavor of pretzel.

2) Pretzel Focaccia 

This pretzel-focaccia mashup gives you the malty flavor and mahogany crust without the rolling, twisting, and boiling. It's way easier to make, and a sprinkling of pretzel salt is the key finishing touch.  

Gruyère-Stuffed Crusty Loaves Photography by Rick Holbrook; Food Styling by Kaitlin Wayne
A lava flow of Gruyère is highly encouraged.

3) Gruyère-Stuffed Crusty Loaves 

The promise of warm, cheese-stuffed bread with a golden crown of frico (a ring of crispy, crusty cheese) is a compelling enough excuse to get reacquainted with your oven. Plus, you can work ahead and stock your freezer with a few of these irresistible loaves to bake anytime.  

Whole-Grain Banana Bread via @kingarthurflour
Nearly every element of this recipe is interchangeable.

4) Whole-Grain Banana Bread 

This banana bread is so versatile it can adapt to practically any pantry or budget. Need to use up yogurt about to expire? Swap it in for the vegetable oil. Don’t want to make a store run just to buy brown sugar? Use white sugar instead! No whole wheat flour on hand? All-purpose flour is more than fine. And, of course, get a second life out of any bananas that have become too brown for snacking. 

Apple Fritter Cake from top Rick Holbrook
Apple lovers, rejoice.

5) Apple Fritter Cake 

In this recipe, the beloved apple fritter is reimagined as a sliceable, snackable bake. The moist, sturdy cake, made using the reverse creaming method, supports a huge heap of diced cinnamon-scented apples. The vanilla glaze on top gives this homemade cake doughnut shop appeal. 

Sourdough Granola Photography by Rick Holbrook; Food Styling by Kaitlin Wayne
Bake a large batch of this granola to last you through breakfast and snack time all week long.

6) Sourdough Granola 

Here’s a new way to bake with your discard, whether you’re constantly churning out loaves or neglected your starter as of late. (No judgment!) A combination of sourdough discard and a bit of maple syrup helps the oats and seeds form crunchy, irresistible clusters. 

Zingerman's Honey Cake Photography and Food Styling by Liz Neily
It's time to celebrate with the sweetness of honey, a symbol of the joy of life and optimism for what’s to come.

7) Zingerman’s Honey Cake 

Rye flour and buckwheat honey — plus cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg — imbue this dynamic cake with flavor. The recipe, from Zingerman's Bakery in Ann Arbor, is perfect for Rosh Hashanah this month. 

For more ideas for Rosh Hashanah bakes, see our recipes for Harvest Apple Challah and Apple Pie Babka

Jalapeño-Cheddar Bread Rick Holbrook
Meet your new favorite flavor-packed loaf, perfect for grilled cheese and sandwiches. 

8) Jalapeño-Cheddar Bread 

When Baking Ambassador Martin Philip first shared this recipe, he declared that this loaf makes the best grilled cheese. He's right — what's better than a melty cheese sandwich built on slices of spicy, cheesy bread?  

Buckwheat chocolate chip cookies Rick Holbrook
The warm, toasty flavors of this cookie feel especially apt for autumn.

9) Buckwheat-Cardamom Chocolate Chunk Cookies 

The chocolate chip cookie gets dressed for fall with a dose of cardamom and doubles down on the nuttiness, both from browned butter and buckwheat flour. And whether you’re pro-crispy or pro-chewy, these oversized cookies give you the best of both worlds with a rippled edge and fudgy center.  

Apple Pan Dowdy Photography and Food Styling by Liz Neily
Turn your favorite double pie crust recipe into a crowd-friendly pan dowdy.

10) Apple Pan Dowdy 

Equal parts pie and pudding, the rustic pan dowdy was built for communal eating. It’s best served straight out of the baking pan, juicy filling — amped up with boiled cider — and all.  

Ginger Scones Julia A. Reed
These tender, spice-packed scones were destined for afternoon tea.

11) Ginger Scones 

Bits of crystallized ginger are worked into the dough, which is liberally spiced with coriander, cardamom, and black pepper. While the recipe mentions sparkling sugar as an optional topping for these scones, there are few bakes that won’t be improved with a final flourish of this crunchy sugar.  

Maple Walnut Bread Pudding Photography by Mark Weinberg; Food Styling by Erin McDowell
Make the most of your leftovers — and turn them into bread pudding!

12) Maple Walnut Bread Pudding 

As Test Kitchen Director Sarah Jampel says in our post on baking on a budget, “A lot of budget baking is about being resourceful with what you already have.” Bread pudding beautifully transforms your humble, stale bread into a cozy, spoon-able dessert. Here, the leftover-friendly dish is kissed with the aroma of maple, nutmeg, and toasted walnuts.  

Cinnamon Babka Photography and Food Styling by Liz Neily
Now's the time to perfect your babka twisting technique.

13) Cinnamon Babka 

Ribbons of cinnamon-sugar-spiked butter are the star of this twisted loaf. Make this babka your next weekend project, then enjoy it all week long.  

Get ready for autumn and check out our Fall Recipes & Harvest Favorites recipe collection.  

Cover photo (Apple Fritter Cake) by Rick Holbrook. 

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