Parchment paper makes baking easier. That’s just a fact. There’s simpler prep, less cleaning, and crucially, no sticking. And helpfully, it can often be reused. I’ve had sheets of parchment paper that I’ve stretched across multiple batches of cookies, simply giving it a wipe and baking on it again.

But as resilient as parchment is, it can’t always last beyond a single bake. If you line a cake pan or brownie pan with parchment, you can typically only use it once, as the batter tends to cling to the parchment and prevent it from being cleaned after baking. So if you’re looking for a reusable option instead?

That’s where our new line of nonstick pan liners comes in.

Loaf pan and Dutch oven lined with reusable liners, next to a baked Marble Rye Photography by Danielle Sykes; food styling by Liz Neily
We've got liners for pans of all shapes and sizes.

Like parchment, these silicone liners are designed to slip into the bottom of your baking pan, providing a nonstick barrier that guarantees easy removal of your baked goods. Because they’re made from silicone, you don’t need to grease them, but it can be helpful to grease the sides and edges of the pan for extra insurance. Once baked, the slippery surface of the silicone liner releases cleanly from both the pan and the bottom of the baked good; with a quick rinse and wipe, the liner is ready to use again (and again, and again!). These liners are also dishwasher safe, so you can throw them in to clean alongside your dishes.

Of course, there are other advantages to these liners. One key benefit is that they’re already perfectly sized to your pans, so you don’t have to measure and cut to fit every time. We have pan liners for square pans, round pans, loaf pans, and sheet pans. (Because they’re oven-safe to 500°F, they can also be used for crusty artisan breads in a Dutch oven.) Some even have flaps designed to hang over the edges of your pan so that you can easily lift your baked good out of the pan, like using a parchment paper sling. And the pan-sized liners lie completely flat against the bottom of the pan, so you don’t need to worry about the edges curling up and loose batters slipping under.

Square pan full of cinnamon rolls, lined with reusable silicone liner Photography by Danielle Sykes; food styling by Liz Neily
Slide in a square pan liner to prevent your next batch of cinnamon rolls from sticking.

I’m always thinking about baking with less waste, whether that means reducing the amount of energy my oven uses or eliminating single-use plastic from my kitchen. Adding these liners to my rotation is another smart way to reduce waste in the kitchen, while also making baking easier. A win-win!

Find these liners in our Shop, and more baking tips and recipes in our Sustainable Baking Guide.

Cover photo by Danielle Sykes; food styling by Kaitlin Wayne. 

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