Cooking for crowds can be an intimidating task. Throw in accommodating food allergies, and the task becomes even more daunting.

For all of our gluten-free friends out there, don't worry, we've got your back. While some of your favorite dishes – like mashed potatoes, roasted squash, and even green beans – are naturally gluten-free, most of the meal is not.

So, today we're going to give you some ideas for your meal so that you can have a safe and delicious holiday. And without further ado, here are our seven essential gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes.

Easy Gluten-Free Biscuits via @kingarthurflour

1. Easy Gluten-Free Biscuits

These simple little gluten-free biscuits make a wonderful side dish at your meal. They're a cinch to whip up and have wonderful texture. Since they're made with heavy cream, they have a truly luxurious flavor, which would certainly complement your other dishes. They're also exceptionally light and fluffy.

Dinner Roll Recipes via @kingarthurflour

2. Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls

If you have a touch more time to prepare rolls, these high fiber dinner rolls are a great option. High-rising, golden, and buttery, these rolls go well with any meal. The texture resembles a soft dinner roll crossed with a tender biscuit, making them excellent for sopping up gravy, smothering with cranberry sauce, or using for leftover sandwiches!

Gluten-Free Cornbread Recipe from @kingarthurflour

3. Gluten-Free Cornbread

If rolls and biscuits just aren't really your thing, this cornbread might just be what you're looking for. Our recipe is a bit on the sweet side, but you can feel free to cut back on the sugar if that's more your style. We love the mellow flavor of this recipe; and we're sure it will go well with the array of dishes you plan to serve.

Gluten-Free Stuffing + Gravy Recipe via @kingarthurflour

4. Gluten-Free Stuffing and Gravy

What would our Thanksgiving meal be without good old stuffing and gravy? Unfortunately, both are traditionally filled with gluten – which is why we reformulated the classic recipes and made them gluten-free. And the best part? No one will ever be able to tell!

Gluten-Free Pie Crust Recipe via @kingarthurflour

5. Gluten-Free Pie Crust

And now for dessert. Pies of all sorts can be found on our Thanksgiving tables, so we wanted to be sure that you had a crust you could count on for all your gluten-free guests. Our gluten-free pie crust is a very basic recipe, meaning you can fill it with whatever you'd like!

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie Recipe - King Arthur Flour

6. Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is a favorite around here, and our gluten-free version is absolutely sensational. With its flaky gluten-free crust and silky smooth, perfectly sweet filling, we may be a little biased; but we think this beauty should be a staple at everyone's Thanksgiving table.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cake Bars from @kingarthurflour

7. Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cake Bars

Pie not really what you had in mind this Thanksgiving? No problem! These pumpkin cake bars are your winning ticket at the autumn dessert table. They're moist and tender, just as a cake should be; but it's the thick cream cheese frosting that makes them really sparkle!

Looking for more gluten-free recipes for this time of year? See our recipe collection, Gluten-Free for the Holidays

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