If your oven and jar of yeast have been on summer vacation, it can feel intimidating to jump back into bread baking. But it doesn’t have to be an all-day affair — with the busyness of back-to-school, you can still fit quick, easy sandwich breads into your schedule. Start here, with these bread recipes that take less than three hours, to ease yourself into bread-baking season.

Quick and Easy Flatbreads Photography and food styling by Liz Neily
So quick and easy, you may as well double the batch!

1) Quick and Easy Flatbreads 

True to their name, these flatbreads require minimal resting time (30 minutes) thanks to the combined rising power of baking powder and yeast. In just about an hour, you’ll have enough flatbreads for dinner tonight and leftovers tomorrow.

Get the recipe: Quick and Easy Flatbreads

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English Muffin Toasting Bread Photography and food styling by Liz Neily
The best part? This bread is ready in under two hours.

2) English Muffin Toasting Bread      

Like English muffins, this pan bread is slightly tangy and has plenty of nooks and crannies. But it’s far easier to make, requiring only one rise, so you’ll be slathering some butter and jam for your weekday breakfast in no time.   

Get the recipe: English Muffin Toasting Bread 

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Blitz Bread: No-Fuss Focaccia Photography and food styling by Liz Neily
If you can mix dough, you can make focaccia.

3) No-Fuss Focaccia  

Many focaccia recipes call for the no-knead method and extended rest times overnight, but this recipe takes a few shortcuts and is ready in less than two hours. This super-simple focaccia dough is mixed in a stand mixer, rises in the pan, and has a plush texture and wonderful flavor thanks to the generous quantity of olive oil in the dough. Use it to make a next-level muffaletta, or really any combination of your favorite cold cuts.  

Get the recipe: No-Fuss Focaccia 

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4) The Easiest Loaf of Bread You’ll Ever Bake

This crusty bread deserves a spot in your regular bread-baking routine. Its failproof shaping and dough-slashing methods have converted the most novice of bread bakers, and its crusty exterior and soft crumb has made it a go-to for more advanced bakers. Watch Martin make it in the video above to guide you to success. 

Get the recipe: The Easiest Loaf of Bread You’ll Ever Bake 

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Soft Wrap Bread Photography and food styling by Liz Neily
Everyone needs a go-to wrap bread recipe. This is ours

5) Soft Wrap Bread

Potato flour is an unexpected addition to this flatbread, giving it a soft, pliable texture but enough structure to handle a mountain of fillings. While the dough rests, use that time to prepare fillings — reviewers particularly enjoyed it with shawarma, fried eggs, and all types of sandwiches.  

Get the recipe: Soft Wrap Bread 

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Bread Machine Bread - Easy As Can Be John Sherman
Let your bread machine handle all the heavy lifting. 

6) Bread Machine Bread

This soft, high-rising loaf may just be the perfect sandwich bread recipe for busy schedules. A bread machine practically does all the work for you here — it’s merely a matter of weighing a handful of basic ingredients and pressing start.  

Get the recipe: Bread Machine Bread 

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Rosemary Potato Rolls Photography by Kristen Teig; Food Styling by Liz Neily
Potato rolls get an herby upgrade.

7) Rosemary Potato Rolls  

Perfumed with fragrant rosemary, these classic potato rolls are soft and tender. Use them for slider sandwiches or serve as a sidekick to a bowl of soup.  

Get the recipe: Rosemary Potato Rolls 

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Soft Sandwich Bread with Flax Photography and food styling by Liz Neily
When your morning toast could use some extra nutrition, add some flax.

8) Soft Sandwich Bread with Flax 

Looking to change up your sandwich bread? Add some flax meal for a hint of chew and a boost of nutrition. A few hours (mostly hands-off) on a Sunday evening will pay off with bread for the coming week! 

Get the recipe: Soft Sandwich Bread with Flax 

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Pane Bianco Photography by Rick Holbrook; Food Styling by Kaitlin Wayne
If you prefer to let the dough rise overnight, we have tips for that in the recipe

9) Pane Bianco 

Cheesy, herby filling? Check. Impressive-yet-easy shape? Check. Ready in under three hours? Check. Basically, this tomato and garlic-studded bread will never disappoint.

Get the recipe: Pane Bianco 

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Beautiful Burger Buns Photography by Rick Holbrook; Food Styling by Kaitlin Wayne
Everything you want in a bun: plush, golden, and fluffy.

10) Beautiful Burger Buns 

We’re still hanging onto the last few weeks of grilling season, but burger buns are forever. Use these plush, slightly sweet buns for fried chicken sandwiches or tofu sliders long after the cookouts have moved indoors. (And let the 1,200+ five-star reviews speak for themselves.)  

Get the recipe: Beautiful Burger Buns 

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Peasant Bread Photography by Rick Holbrook; Food Styling by Kaitlin Wayne
Keep it simple; you'll still be rewarded with great bread.

11) Peasant Bread 

One reviewer’s experience with this recipe says it all. They shared, “I decided at 4:00 p.m. to bake bread for dinner.” (We’ve all been there, right?) “This is my go-to fast bread. Always comes out perfect!” This hands-off, no-knead bread is a weeknight winner.

Get the recipe: Peasant Bread 

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Classic Sandwich Bread Photography and food styling by Liz Neily
Upgrade what goes in the lunchbox with this sandwich bread recipe.

12) Classic Sandwich Bread

For an everyday sandwich bread like this, ease and speed are the priority. A handful of kitchen staples like flour, butter, milk, and yeast are all you need for a better-than-storebought loaf.  

Get the recipe: Classic Sandwich Bread 

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Yeasted Banana Sandwich Bread Photography and food styling by Esra Mese
Banana bread gets a yeasted update.

13) Yeasted Banana Bread Sandwich Bread 

For a banana bread that’s actually bread, just add yeast. Think of this as a classic white bread but sweetened with honey and chopped bananas. It’s less dense than its traditional quick bread counterpart, so you can use two slices for a sublime PB&J or French toast with a twist.

Get the recipe: Yeasted Banana Bread Sandwich Bread 

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Back-of-the-Bag Oatmeal Bread Photography by Mark Weinberg; food styling by Liz Neily
Turn this oatmeal bread dough into toast for breakfast or rolls for dinner. 

14) Back-of-the-Bag Oatmeal Bread

Everything you need to make this loaf is likely already in your pantry, which can sometimes be the biggest hurdle to bread baking. After a few short rests and straightforward shaping, you’ll be rewarded with this hearty, oat-topped loaf. Once you’ve graduated from the original recipe, take it to the next level and shape the dough into dinner rolls or add fruit mix-ins.

Get the recipe: Back-of-the-Bag Oatmeal Bread 

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rolls Photography and food styling by Liz Neily
Sour cream + chives = automatic comfort. 

15) Sour Cream & Chive Potato Rolls 

Sour cream and chives are great on baked potatoes, but even better in these potato rolls. Whether you make them as tear-and-share dinner rolls or lunchbox-friendly sandwich buns, these rolls are packed with comforting flavor.  

Get the recipe: Sour Cream & Chive Potato Bread or Rolls 

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Cinnamon Bread Photography and food styling by Liz Neily
We never met a swirled bread we didn't like. 

16) Cinnamon Bread Recipe 

Slicing into this loaf reveals a lovely, swirled cinnamon sugar surprise. This loaf is like an everyday version of cinnamon rolls. For maximum deliciousness, toast and butter the slices.  

Get the recipe: Cinnamon Bread

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Rustic Sourdough Bread Photography by Rick Holbrook; Food Styling by Kaitlin Wayne
Yes, this takes a little over three hours, but a sourdough bread in that short timeframe is an impressive feat. 

17) Rustic Sourdough Bread 

If your sourdough starter is not perfectly ripe, add some instant yeast to the mix to give it a boost. (It’s not cheating, we promise!) The result is a failproof, rustic loaf with the familiar tang of sourdough and a wonderful, crispy crust. 

Get the recipe: Rustic Sourdough Bread  

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Cover photo (Cinnamon Bread) by Liz Neily. 

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