When it comes to cookie decorating, most of us go straight to our piping bags and sprinkle jars, leaving little thought to the cookie underneath. But there’s a whole world of beautiful cookies made without frosting (or any other toppings!) that Alana Allred of @sleepingmakesmehungry has inspired us to try: printed sugar cookies made with colored cookie dough and nothing else.  

A curious baker by trade, Alana discovered the art of printed cookies simply by experimenting. “I love to apply art techniques to baking, like using potato stamps on sourdough or painting with buttercream, and this was just another experiment I wanted to try.”  

To make printed cookies, prepare a simple cookie dough, divide into smaller batches, add food coloring, then cut or mold the colored dough into shapes that you place on a rolled-out cookie base. We recommend using our Cream Cheese Roll-Out Cookies because of their higher fat content, which makes them easier to re-roll multiple times, and our natural food colors, which remain super vibrant even after baking.  

Watch our own Kye Ameden below to learn how to make printed sugar cookies: 

When deciding which design to start with, Alana recommends using cookie cutters you already have on hand, which helps save time cutting out shapes and keeps designs neat and professional-looking. After you make a batch with cookie cutters, you’ll get the hang of the process and can experiment with more shapes and freeform designs. There’s no limit here: From pink strawberries and white daisies to classic stars, Alana recommends, “Get creative and just have fun with it!”

Printed sugar cookies on a cooling rack Photography by Rick Holbrook; food styling by Kaitlin Wayne
Printed sugar cookies prove you don't need fancy tools to make beautiful designs.

Cover photo by Rick Holbrook; food styling Lydia Fournier.

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Cream Cheese Roll-Out Cookies
Roll-Out Cream Cheese Cookies
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