A headshot of Laura Scaduto

About Laura Scaduto

Employee-owner since 2019

Laura Scaduto joined the King Arthur team in December 2019, which was also her first official winter in New England. (She’s currently thawing out in Florida.) Laura shifted her copywriting skills from beauty to baking when she came to King Arthur, swapping skincare secrets for secret ingredients – her favorite being Better Cheddar Powder. 
Having grown up in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Laura truly believes that along with her Italian heritage, chocolate is part of her DNA. She favors any recipe with a disclaimer that reads “for chocolate-lovers only,” and she will never pass up a plate of fresh pasta. A hobby baker for years, she’s found a passion in bread baking – a skill that fits naturally into her lifestyle as a triathlete and marathoner keen on carbs. Continuously hungry, and hungry to learn, she loves baking new recipes on our site, especially ones from our Bake of the Week series. (Did someone say Root Beer Cake with Chocolate Root Beer Ganache?!) 

If you’ve skimmed the pages of our catalog, browsed our products online, or received an email from us, you’ve read Laura’s work. As King Arthur’s copywriter, she’s the voice behind the brand, helping navigate our audience of passionate bakers through their baking journey. Having made the trip from beginner baker herself, Laura adds a valuable perspective and nuance to her writing that welcomes every level of baker to our table.   

Working remotely from Florida, Laura spends her free time volunteering for a nonprofit cat-rescue organization, participating in weekly Italian conversation classes, training for races, scanning the beach for rare seashells, and of course, baking.