With the entire King Arthur digital team working from home right now, I’ve gotten an unexpected peek into my coworker’s home lives. Through video chat apps like Slack, Teams, and GoToMeeting, I now know who owns an entire wall of cookbooks, whose cat is living his best quarantine life snuggled up as close as felinely possible, and whose 3-year-old takes pretend business calls – complete with a hoodie drawstring in his ear mimicking headphones. (That would be community manager Jesse Cloutier and fellow bloggers PJ Hamel and Kye Ameden. I’ll let you guess in which order.) 

Face-to-face time is important, but not everyone wants to give such an honest view of their shelter-in-place lifestyle. That’s why the video app Zoom lets you select custom backgrounds. Want to look like you’re calling from the King Arthur café? Or working in a parallel universe of enormous cinnamon rolls? We’ve got a baker’s dozen of baking-themed Zoom backgrounds for you — from the subtle to the downright silly. 

Download any of the images below, or grab all 13 backgrounds as a ZIP file. During your next Zoom meeting, click the up arrow next to the camera icon in the lower-left corner. Select “Choose Virtual Background,” then tap on the small plus sign on the right to choose your image.

The menu for the King Arthur Flour cafe
#1 — Rekindle the coffee shop vibe from the comfort of this virtual King Arthur café
giant cinnamon rolls
#2 — Journey to a realm of golden-brown valleys and sugar-frosted peaks. Cinna-bon voyage!
#3 — Video files work as Zoom backgrounds, too, so indulge in this glorious halo of chocolate frosting and falling sprinkles. (Download the video.) 
A throne and suit of armor from the King Arthur Flour cafe
#4 — Your throne awaits! Turn in your chair just a little and you'll be the monarch of your next Zoom call. Don't let this power go to your head. 
#5 — Warning: In our tests, we discovered that this video background results in an overwhelming urge to bake cake. Use at your own risk! (Download the video.) 
Pancakes and berries on a wood table
#6 — Early morning call? Let these short stacks set the mood. 
Oatmeal bread with peanut butter on a table
#7 — Have a low-key lunch hour chat with peanut butter and honey slathered on soft sandwich bread.
A bag of all purpose flour on a counter top
#8 — Call running long? Deploy this one when you need someone to wrap up. Much like the orchestra at the Oscars, this background sends a firm but tasteful reminder that, "This has been great, but we need to get going. I have baking to do."
The aisles of the King Arthur store
#9 — Do you think people will believe this is your walk-in pantry? (Uh, if only we each had a personal King Arthur store.) 
Baker Martin Philip at work in the King Arthur bakery
#10 — Get to work alongside Martin Philip in the King Arthur bakery. Just remember to bring a hair net. 
Cookies on a table
#11 — Who needs a little quarantine sugar high? 
The exterior of the the King Arthur cafe
#12 — Recline outside our digital King Arthur Flour Café, Bakery & Store.
A series of cupcakes on a table
#13 — Innovative ideas flow from strong cooperation, like chocolate with vanilla or vanilla with chocolate. Oh, or all of the above

We hope you enjoy these backgrounds half as much as we have. Remember that you can download the full set as a ZIP file. Now go share the joy of baking.

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