What's more rewarding this time of year than baking with fresh, fragrant apples? If you happen to live in apple country, which we do, the trees by the road are laden these days with cascades of red and green orbs, just waiting to be collected and brought to their full potential in the kitchen. Sift is happy to present these apple and spice recipes to inspire your baking.apple and spice recipes via@kingarthurflourapple and spice recipes via@kingarthurflour

The seductive wafting scent of cinnamon in the air, interlaced with the aroma of warm, fresh-picked apples baking creates an immediate feeling of comfort. Of course there will be pie, but apples and spice also belong in bread, with cheese toasted on top, or in tender sweet rolls.


Tuck a

Cider Doughnut

into your lunch pail...apple and spice recipes via@kingarthurflour

...or reach for a moist slice of

Steamed Harvest Bread

at the supper table. It's a low-fat way to put this end of season's garden goodness to use.

apple and spice recipes via@kingarthurflour

Make Sunday morning special with some

Butterscotch Apple Sweet Rolls...apple and spice recipes via@kingarthurflour

...or make yourself a banquet with a slice of

Roasted Apple Bread,

toasted with some excellent Vermont cheddar cheese.apple and spice recipes via@kingarthurflour

Roasting the apples before putting them in the bread dough does amazing things for their depth of flavor. apple and spice recipes via@kingarthurflour

Don't be fooled into thinking that apples are a humble ingredient. With a little artful shaping, you can have this gorgeous

Cinnamon Apple Twist

bread on your table.

apple and spice recipes via@kingarthurflour

These are just some of the mouthwatering ways to let apples and spice sing their unique duet, and you'll find them all in the fall edition of Sift.

You can find our new publication at bookstores, grocery stores, and most everywhere magazines are sold. Fill your basket of baking ideas with fresh apples and spice, and make the most of this wonderful season.

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