Earlier this week, King Arthur Flour was named one of the Top Small Workplaces in North America by the Wall Street Journal and Winning Workplaces. This is a real honor for our company, a wonderful indication that we’re on the right track with the open and supportive corporate culture we strive to foster here.

As an employee-owner, I have the pleasure of coming to work in a place where I feel respected, where my contribution is valued, and where I see caring demonstrated every day in interactions with customers and employees alike. So you know what? Honored as we all feel, I’m not really surprised to find out that King Arthur Flour ranks so highly.

Sure, we have some great benefits here, both traditional and innovative. But what’s more important than the specific benefits is the philosophy that leads to the workplace practices we’ve been recognized for. Here are a few thoughts from our Spirit Statement to give you a sense of what we believe in and strive for:

“Our strength and our success is fueled by our passion for what we do, the depth of our knowledge, and the quality of the products we sell. We think work should be fun; we like what we do, and the excitement it brings.

We take the long-term perspective and control our own destiny.

While constantly growing and changing, we retain our small company feeling, including our commitment to building productive relationships, both internal and external.

We embrace the team concept knowing that every person has something valuable to contribute… We grant and earn mutual respect and trust.

We believe in continuous improvement of ourselves and our company and in its flexible career tracks that enable us to go as far as we want or are able.

We are conscientious, self-motivated people with a strong work ethic. In the Arthurian tradition, we enjoy the ‘noble fight.’”

My job in media relations is to share the news from King Arthur Flour, and it feels like a privilege every time I have that opportunity. I can honestly say that when I talk about the great things we’re doing here – from products, to education, to our corporate culture and initiatives – I truly believe in what I’m promoting. This is not a company that just sounds good – it is, earnestly, good.

We know there’s always more we could be doing, and the willingness to look at ourselves with a critical eye and make the appropriate changes is what helps keep us fresh and successful after more than 200 years. It’s what makes this an exciting place to be, and a place worthy of some recognition. And while we certainly won't rest on our laurels, I think this recognition calls for a moment of celebration: I propose chocolate cake.

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