Maintaining Sourdough Starter Without the Mess

If you're just getting into the game of sourdough, this episode of Bake It Better With Kye is sure to teach you a thing or two! How to feed your starter, how to keep it happy, and how to avoid the most common mistakes...Kye is here to help.

For details about sourdough care and maintenance, please see our recipe: Feeding and Maintaining Your Sourdough Starter. And for an even deeper dive into the how-to of all things sourdough, check out our comprehensive sourdough baking guide.

Note: When Kye uses the term "fed," sourdough starter in this video, she's referring to a starter that's ripe or mature — ready to be used in a recipe. Learn more about sourdough starter at its peak in our blog article: Ripe Sourdough Starter.