Sourdough Recipes

Our 16 Best Crusty Sourdough Bread Recipes

Sourdough Starter

If you have a jar of fresh sourdough starter, a world of crusty, chewy sourdough loaves await. Not sure where to start? This collection of 16 recipes is filled with bread for every occasion. Looking for a low-effort, beginner-friendly recipe? Our Easy Everyday Sourdough Bread delivers: no feeding the starter, no kneading, no shaping. Have some time to spare and want a super flavorful loaf? Pain de Campagne (Country Bread) calls for two longer rests over the course of 24 hours, which allows the flavors to fully deepen and develop. Need a little insurance when your starter is weak? Our Sourdough Baguettes call for a bit of instant yeast to boost the oven spring. Grab your starter and get baking!