Blueberry Crisp

Recipe by PJ Hamel

Since blueberries are in season for only a very limited time, and out-of-season fresh blueberries cost an arm and a leg, we like to make our blueberry crisp with readily available frozen berries. And besides, using fresh berries in a slow-cooking crisp, where they'll become pleasantly mushy, is like getting all slicked up to go milk the cows: it doesn't add anything to the experience, so why do it? That said, if you have bucketfuls of fresh berries, this crisp is a great place to use them up.

15 mins
1 hr 15 mins to 1 hr 25 mins
one 9" round or 8" square crisp
Blueberry Crisp


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  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Lightly grease a 9" round or 8" square pan.

  2. To prepare the blueberries: Place the berries in a microwave-safe bowl, and heat them for 4 to 5 minutes, until they're thawed and beginning to warm. Do this if you're using fresh berries, as well; it helps get their juices going.

  3. Combine the berries with the remaining filling ingredients, and spoon the mixture into the prepared pan.

  4. Place the pan in the oven, and bake the blueberries for 30 minutes, until they start to bubble. While they're baking, prepare the topping.

  5. To prepare the topping: Whisk together the dry ingredients. Add the melted butter and flavors, mixing until coarse crumbs form.

  6. Remove the berries from the oven, and spread the topping on tops. Bake for an additional 45 minutes, until the berries are bubbling and the topping is beginning to brown. Some of the topping will have been engulfed by blueberry juice, leaving your crisp with a somewhat mottled top; this is perfectly fine.

  7. Remove the crisp from the oven, and allow it to cool completely before serving. If you serve the crisp right away, it'll be very liquid; letting it to set up allows the berries to reabsorb some of their juices.

  8. Serve the crisp plain, or à la mode. Heat it briefly (about 30 seconds) in the microwave, if desired, to provide a nice warm bed for the ice cream!

Tips from our Bakers

  • For a higher-protein, high-fiber topping, mix 1/2 cup Grape-Nuts cereal with 1/2 cup diced walnuts and 1/3 cup brown sugar. Substitute this mixture for the flour/sugar/butter topping, sprinkling it on just a minute or so before the crisp is done baking.