I’m about to make the case for a thermometer that costs $114.00. 

I know. It’s a lot of money for a thermometer. 

But as the daughter of an engineer who always taught me to buy the very best when it comes to tools, I guarantee you won’t regret spending the money, because this is the best (and last) thermometer you’re ever going to buy. 

Thermapen and bread Photography by Danielle Sykes; food styling by Liz Neily
An accurate digital thermometer is essential for bread baking, and so much more.

The Thermapen ONE is an intelligently designed, supremely accurate digital thermometer that is as essential a part of a baker’s tool kit as a rolling pin or a whisk. In the kitchen, I use this thermometer when I’m making caramels, marshmallows, fudge, and jam, as well as custards of all kinds. I break out the thermometer to measure the temperature of my flour, water, and air temperature when baking bread to determine my desired dough temperature. I use it to take the temperature of my baked goods to make sure they’re cooked all the way through. And, of course, I use it to determine the doneness of my steaks and fish, too. 

Yeah, I hear you saying, we know what a thermometer is used for! But what, exactly, justifies the price of this one?  

For one, the Thermapen ONE has the fastest response time of any digital thermometer on the market. While lesser thermometers might take 10 to 20 seconds to register temperature (by which point your caramelized sugar might have raced past the desired doneness and begun to scorch), the Thermapen ONE does it in seconds. It also has pinpoint accuracy unrivaled by other thermometers, some of which can be off as much as eight degrees (a make-or-break difference when it comes to silky flan or other cooked custards, which can curdle if overcooked). The Thermapen is also capable of measuring temperatures between -58°F and 572°F. There’s nothing, or at least nothing in the kitchen, it can’t take the temperature of. 

Thermapen One Photo courtesy of Thermapen
The Thermapen ONE registers temperature faster than any other digital thermometer, and with unrivaled pinpoint accuracy.

And while the thermometer is accurate and fast, it’s also simple to use. It has a large digital screen that automatically lights up, and the numbers on the screen rotate so you can read the display at any angle, in any lighting conditions. The Thermapen ONE has a pull-out probe, so it can be easily stored in a drawer, and when you pull the probe out, the thermometer automatically turns on. If you leave it open on the counter for a while, it’ll go to sleep to save battery. But when you pick it up, it wakes back up —no button pressing required — a helpful feature when you need a temperature reading, fast. 

Not that battery is too big of a concern; the Thermapen ONE has a 2,000-hour battery life, so it’ll be many years before you have to replace it. (And speaking of years, the super-sonic thermometer comes with a five-year warranty.) 

In my opinion, this thermometer makes a wonderful gift for the bakers, grillers, and cooks in your life (everyone?). It’s the kind of thing that will absolutely enhance the daily life of the recipient, but that they might not splurge on for themselves — one of those tools that once you own, you can’t imagine how you lived without. I love it so much, I just wrote 500 words about it!

Whether you’re grilling, baking bread, making candy, or just making dinner, the Thermapen ONE is an incredibly useful tool that’s worth the cost. 

Speaking of cost: The Thermapen ONE is on sale for 15% off from June 3-4, and ships free! 

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