What if you could gift someone the aroma of freshly baked pie, the feel of supple dough kneaded by hand, the pure pride of a well-made baked good and, perhaps most importantly, the joy of tearing into a warm treat straight from the oven? 

A lot better than a candle, right? 

For the past year and a half, the King Arthur Baking School has been offering virtual classes that bring the passion and expertise of our instructors directly into home kitchens, where they guide students through making everything from classic pastries to cheesy pizzas. It’s impossible to finish a class without taking away some new knowledge that will improve your baking, no matter your skill level. And bonus: Most classes end with a warm treat pulled from the oven and ready to eat.  

If you have a baker in your life — or someone who wants to start baking — consider gifting them a virtual class this season. You can find the full list of available classes on our Baking School calendar, but here are some of our favorites:  

Simple Macarons Rick Holbrook
Bakery-worthy macarons, made at home (with a little help from some expert instructors!) 

For the travel fiend: French Macarons

Take a trip through the computer screen with a class focused on international pastry. Learn the French technique for these delicate cookies sandwiched with French-style meringue buttercream in a number of colors and flavors. Ooh la la.

(Another wanderlust option? Go on a tour of Tuscany with Flatbreads of Italy.) 

For someone starting their sourdough journey: Sourdough Baking Basics  

Sourdough, for all its rewards, can be downright intimidating. For anyone who’s interested in baking with sourdough but not sure where to start, this class is the perfect introduction. Our instructors guide students through the process of maintaining a healthy sourdough starter, then teach them how to use it in a variety of delicious baked goods. 

For the bread head: Artisan Baking at Home  

If someone in your life is already adept at bread-making and ready to level up to even more advanced techniques, this is the class for them. They’ll build on their foundation of bread skills to master deeply flavorful breads, crackling naturally leavened loaves, and more.

Our Favorite Sticky Buns Liz Neily
It's hard not to enjoy yourself while making ultra-sticky buns at home.

For literally anyone with a sweet tooth: Sticky Fingers: Breakfast Buns  

Sometimes, baking is just about creating the most comforting, delicious treat possible and having fun while doing it. In this class, students make two styles of good old-fashioned cinnamon buns: classic yeasted cinnamon buns with icing on top, and a quick version of sticky buns with a finger-licking gooey caramel topping.  

For the pizza artist: Pizza Perfected  

Who doesn’t love pizza? If someone in your life can’t get enough of gooey, melty cheese and crispy, chewy crust, then this is the class for them. With our baking instructors as guides, students learn how to hand-stretch dough, the best ways to top a pizza, and how to simulate a brick oven at home for the very best bake.  

See all available virtual classes on our Baking School calendar page

Cover photo illustration by Michelle Chen.

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