Ah, a beautifully decorated cherry-chocolate cake.

Frosting lovingly applied.

Icing artfully drizzled.

Cherries placed just... so.

Marshmallows on toothpicks stuck haphazardly on top.

What's up with that?!

Thanks to my fellow test kitchen baker and Baking Sheet editor, Susan Reid, I now know how to keep plastic wrap from sticking to the top of a decorated cake – should I ever feel the urge to create such a cake.

I am NOT possessed of the Martha Stewart gene but, hey, you never know, right?

Speaking of Martha, here's one of her marshmallow tips I've been using for several years: poke a mini-marshmallow into the bottom of a sugar cone (you know, the kind of cone with a pointy bottom) before adding your scoop of ice cream. The marshmallow effectively prevents melting ice cream from dripping out the bottom of the cone – AND serves to make that final bite extra-tasty.

So, what's your favorite "hey, cool idea!" kitchen tip? Your fellow readers want to know – please share below.

P.S. - I know, "Where's the recipe?" No recipe today; this was simply my fellow blogger, MaryJane, fooling around with some leftover cake layers from the freezer. No one's quite sure of their provenance; but being frozen, they were prime candidates for decorating.

Hey - there's another tip! Freezing your cake layers briefly makes them easier to handle, ice, and decorate.

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