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Shaped by hand

Powered by heart.

Baking with joy since 1790.

We're an employee-owned company, every one of us bakers at heart. And for generations, we’ve been there with you as you bake. Our mission is to be the ultimate resource and inspiration in the kitchen, to inspire connections and community through baking, and to use our business as a force for good.

Our mission & impact

We're an employee-owned company, every one of us bakers at heart. Our mission is to inspire connections and community by spreading the joy of baking.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Here at King Arthur, we have always believed that everyone deserves equal access to the joy of baking.

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Our products

All flour is not created equal. The best baking starts all the way back in the wheat fields. We take pride in our responsible sourcing, our "never bleached" guarantee, and our carefully calibrated protein content, which means our flour gives you the same results, every time you bake. That's a difference you can taste, and a product you can rely on.

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Trusted by the best

When you use King Arthur flour, you get more than the industry's most consistent flour. You get us, too.

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Bake for Good

Our free program teaches kids to bake bread from scratch. Then they bake two loaves at home—one to enjoy and one to share.

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Learn. Bake. Share.

Elementary school students learn the science – and power – of baking.

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The Power of Baking

Let Good Things Rise

Every baker has their own story. It’s a unique tale of how they came to the craft, what they bake, and why they love it. So enjoy these personal recipes and stories from some of our favorite bakers – and let good things rise.

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The Power of Baking
Our History

Two centuries of baking

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