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  1. To make the dough: In a mixing bowl, whisk together the flour, onion powder, salt, and baking powder. Work in the butter until the mixture is coarse and crumbly, with most of the butter in large, peas-sized pieces. You can do this by hand or use the paddle attachment of your mixer.

  2. Stir in the sour cream, horseradish, chives, and dill, until the mixture is moistened. The dough won't be cohesive.

  3. Turn the mixture onto a floured work surface, and use a dough scraper to fold it over on itself a few times. Pat the dough into an 8" x 10" rectangle.

  4. Dust both sides of the dough with flour and, starting with the shorter end, fold it in thirds like a business letter. Turn the dough 90° and roll into an 8" x 10" rectangle again. Fold in thirds once more. Wrap and chill the dough for at least 30 minutes.

  5. Preheat the oven to 400°F. Line two baking sheets with parchment.

  6. To shape and bake: Roll the dough into a 12" x 24" rectangle. Cut the dough lengthwise into 8 strips, 1 1/2" wide each. Cut crosswise in 3" sections to form 64 rectangles. Transfer the pieces to the prepared baking sheets, and fold over one corner of each.

  7. Bake for 12 to 14 minutes, until golden brown. Remove from the oven and cool on the pans on a rack.

Tips from our Bakers

  • Lemon-caper smoked trout dip: Mix 1/2 cup (4 ounces) cream cheese, 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, 1 teaspoon grated lemon peel, 1/2 teaspoon anchovy paste (optional), 2 cups sour cream or Greek yogurt, and 1/4 teaspoon salt until smooth. Flake 1 smoked trout fillet; add it to the cream cheese mixture with 1 tablespoon lightly chopped capers. Cover and chill until served.