Slow Rise Baguettes

King Arthur Sir Galahad Flour 10kg 100.0%
Water 7kg 70.0%
Salt 0.2kg 2.0%
Yeast (fresh) 0.075kg 0.75%
TOTAL YIELD 17.275kg 172.75%

MIXING Place all the ingredients in the mixing bowl. Mix for 700 to 800 revolutions of the dough hook, on first speed only. The dough will be underdeveloped at this point. Leave the dough in the mixing bowl.

DESIRED DOUGH TEMPERATURE 75°F in winter, 72°F in summer.


FOLDING Fold the dough 3 times, at 20-minute intervals, by turning on the mixer for several seconds. Once the third fold is performed, the dough will be supple and reasonably strong.

DIVIDING Depending upon the number of baguettes required, divide the dough into the appropriate weight and place into buckets. For instance, to process 20 baguettes per bucket, dough weight is 8kg for 0.4kg baguettes. Cover the buckets and place into a 50°F cooler. They can remain at this temperature for up to 18 hours.

SHAPING Remove the buckets from the cooler and divide the dough. Pre-shape, and when relaxed, shape to baguettes. Place with seams up on lightly floured couche linen. Cover to prevent the formation of a crust.

FINAL FERMENTATION 1.5-2 hours at 75°F.

BAKING With normal steam, 460°F. Bake this bread till it achieves a full rich crust color. A full bake is recommended to ensure a crisp crust.

-- From “BREAD: A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes,” by Jeffrey Hamelman, published by John Wiley & Sons.