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About Annabelle Shippee

Employee-owner since 2016

Growing up in New Hampshire and Vermont, Annabelle Shippee was always involved in her mother’s baking adventures. Though she’d never turn down a bear claw, Annabelle’s favorite things to bake are the Christmas cookies she grew up making each year with her mom.  

She received her degree in baking and pastry arts from the New England Culinary Institute in 2015 and joined the King Arthur family the following year. While in her first position on the Baker’s Hotline and later as a Digital Engagement Specialist, Annabelle was thrilled to continue her baking education at the King Arthur Baking School in Norwich, Vermont. In her current position as Social Media Strategist, Annabelle uses her baking knowledge to be the voice of King Arthur on social media. It’s always her goal to bring joy and inspiration to our online community.  

Through each position she’s held at King Arthur, Annabelle has been a contributor to the blog. Sharing tips and tricks (always with a dash of humor), Annabelle uses her latest blog series Ask the Baker’s Hotline to tap into the vast knowledge of the King Arthur Baker’s Hotline team. Her posts address the questions customers regularly ask with the Hotline’s trusted answers and knowledge. 

Having grown up with several chronic health conditions that ultimately led to her changing her career path from bakery work to deskwork, Annabelle is an advocate for those baking with disabilities.  

She spends her time off playing board and video games, working on renovating her house, and dreaming of her next Disney adventure. 

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