Vegan Matcha Mousse Tart

Recipe by Heike Meyer

Silky, smooth, and light — that’s the compelling texture of this tempting no-bake vegan tart. The nuttiness of its gluten-free almond crust and cashew-based filling is the perfect complement to matcha’s signature vegetal flavor and umami finish. Our thanks to Vermont bakery owner and baking teacher Heike Meyer, who shares this recipe with us. She advises, “Since this cake is so rich, I like to serve a small piece for a special occasion or dessert after a light meal.” 

30 mins
5 hrs 30 mins
one 9” tart
Vegan Matcha Mousse Tart - select to zoom
Vegan Matcha Mousse Tart - select to zoom
Vegan Matcha Mousse Tart - select to zoom


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  1. Place the cashews in a bowl, cover them with water, cover the bowl, and refrigerate overnight.   

  2. To make the crust: Pulse the almonds in a food processor until only partially broken down. Add the remaining ingredients, starting with the smaller amount of water, and pulse a few more times until the mixture is sticky but still coarse-textured.  

  3. Press the crust into a well-oiled 9” springform pan; 3 to 4 mini (4”) round springforms or rings, or 6 to 8 standard muffin cups. The crust should be pushed up the sides a bit; about 1” to 1 1/2"   in the 9” pan. The crust will be about 1/2” thick but can be thicker or thinner, depending on the pan(s) you use.  

  4. Transfer the crust to the freezer for 30 minutes before adding the filling.  

  5. To make the filling: Drain the soaked cashews thoroughly, discarding the liquid.  

  6. Using a high-speed blender, blend the cashews with the remaining ingredients, except the coconut oil, until smooth. If necessary, stop the blender occasionally to ensure the mixture doesn’t become too warm.  

  7. Slowly pour in the melted coconut oil and blend until combined. 

  8. Pour the filling into the prepared pan(s). Chill in the freezer for 3 hours or overnight.  

  9. To serve: An hour prior to serving, remove the tart from the freezer. Unmold by either carefully running a warm knife along the edge or warming up the pan in your hands. Transfer to a serving plate and refrigerate until ready to serve. The matcha flavor will increase as the tart comes to room temperature.  

  10. Storage information: Store leftover tart, covered, in the refrigerator for up to two days; freeze for longer storage.  

Tips from our Bakers

  • If you don’t have matcha powder substitute ground green tea leaves, or ground Earl Grey tea; double the amount of tea (use 5 teaspoons) to best mirror matcha’s strong flavor.