Flakey Paratha made with Golden Whole Wheat Flour

Golden Whole Wheat Flour

A fresh approach to baking with whole wheat.

King Arthur's Golden Whole Wheat features the goodness of grains in a lighter, milder-tasting flour. This versatile whole grain flour – grown using regenerative farming practices – is perfect for bread, waffles, brownies, and more.

Bag of Golden Wheat White Whole Wheat Flour with top open.

What is Golden Whole Wheat?

Imagine a flour that does it all. It has the nutritional benefits of whole wheat flour without any bitterness or polarizing whole grain flavor that some varieties have. It's easy to incorporate into your favorite recipes, whether they call for whole wheat flour or all-purpose flour. And on top of all that, it's great for the planet.

This is Golden Whole Wheat Flour, a versatile option that's ready to boost your baking game. Learn more »

How to bake any recipe with Golden Whole Wheat

Simply substitute this flour for the one called for in your recipe: it's that simple. Follow these guidelines for best results:


In recipes calling for whole wheat flour. In selected all-purpose flour recipes, especially those yielding a darker heartier baked good.


In any recipe calling for all-purpose flour. Light-colored baked goods will bake up darker, and will have a nuttier flavor.


In light-colored baked goods, like cake and bread. If you like the initial result, increase the percentage gradually until you find your favorite balance.