In-Person Demonstration

Grades 4-7

  • For groups of 50 to 200 students
  • 50-minute assembly-style demonstration
  • Taught by a Bake for Good instructor
  • Students receive a baking kit and bake at home
Braiding dough in a Bake For Good demonstration

How it works

A King Arthur Bake for Good (BFG) instructor and two student assistants from your school present an informative and engaging 50-minute demonstration.

The BFG instructor arrives at your school about 45 minutes prior to the assembly to set up and prepare for the presentation. Your school provides two 8' tables, TV/Smartboard or LCD projector and screen, and a sound system with a clip-on microphone. The instructor will bring the ingredients and tools needed to make dough during the demonstration. They will also bring a camera to project what is happening on the table to the screen or TV.

You select two confident assistants who enjoy being in front of others to work with the instructor during the demonstration. They do not have to know how to bake; they just need to be able to follow directions and be comfortable in front of their peers. The instructor will meet with these students about 20 minutes prior to the demonstration to get them oriented.  

We send flour and supplies for the baking kits about two weeks before the date of the demonstration. You assemble the baking kits and students take them home the day of the demonstration.  We encourage students to bake their bread over the weekend. Start to finish, this recipe takes about 3.5 hours, which can be hard to fit in after school. 

Learn, Bake — and Share

Building community through baking is one of our core values at King Arthur Baking Company. The BFG bread recipe makes two loaves or a few dozen rolls. Your students will share one loaf or half of their rolls with a family member, neighbor, or friend as an act of kindness.

Next Steps

Bake for Good Planning Guide

Step 1: Read the In-Person Planning Guide

Apply online

We are no longer accepting application for this school year. Applications for next school year, 2024-25, will open in late August. Thank you.


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