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A Culture of Belonging

Baking is both personal and communal. It’s a legacy of family traditions, evolutions, and, most of all, love. At King Arthur Baking Company, we believe that baking is for all, yet we recognize the exclusion and disregard many underserved communities have faced. That’s why we are committed to taking measurable steps toward making the world of baking inclusive and truly open to all.​​

All Bakers Welcome

All Bakers Welcome​

Celebrate Pride with us

We are committed to creating an inclusive, welcoming culture for all employee-owners, partners, and consumers.

Our 2030 Commitments for People

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Generate opportunity, advance equity, and enhance food justice in our communities

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100% of key ingredients will be sustainably sourced and supplier diversity will be maximized

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Create a culture in which all employee-owners feel welcomed, respected, and valued​

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Build a world of baking that is inclusive and truly open to all


King Arthur Baking is 100% Employee-Owned!

Each person working here has a real stake in the company's success. As employee-owners, we're not beholden to outside shareholders who care only about the bottom line. We have the freedom to emphasize other values, like social and environmental responsibility, and the wellness and satisfaction of our employees. That's why King Arthur shares its profits both inside and outside the company. We invest in sustainability, support community groups nationwide, and offer every employee 40 hours of paid volunteering time per year.

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Our Partners

Nordic Ware is more than just a cake pan

We don’t just partner with Nordic Ware because they love cake as much as we do (though it helps!). They share many of the same values that are core to King Arthur: community, sustainability, and legacy.

Power of Baking Video

The Power of Baking

When you bake, you bake joy.

The joy of measuring and mixing. The joy of being part of a tradition and contributing to a craft. And of course, the joy your cookies, cakes, breads, and pies bring to your life and the lives of others.

Community Stewardship

Our employee owners give back with their skills, time, and dollars to advance equity and enhance food justice in our communities through Volunteering, Civic Engagement, and Matching Donations.

Hot Bread Kitchen
Quotation Marks

The change I think is most important for the hospitality industry to focus on this year is the hiring and promotion of more women of color in leadership roles. While there is much diversity in the service and hourly staff, it is often not reflected in the higher rungs of the 'ladder.' ​

Dianna Daoheung, Entrepreneur in Residence at Hot Bread Kitchen​​​​​​​​