2022 Holiday Gift Guide
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Holiday Gift Guide

Must-Have Tools

from our Baking School instructors who use them every day


KD-7000 Digital ScaleKD-7000 Digital Scale

"We believe all bakers benefit from using a scale – it's more accurate and less messy."

-Jessica Myers, Baking School Instructor

Black Walnut LameBlack Walnut Lame

"I always use my razor-sharp lame to score loaves of bread."

-Jonathan Frishtick, Baking School Instructor

Bench Knife

Bench Knife

"We use this in every single class. It is our go-to clean up and cutting tool."

-Jessica Myers, Baking School Instructor

Parchment Paper

Parchment Paper

"It's reusable so you can use the same sheet again. And because it's not on a roll, no need to worry about it curling!"

-Jessica Myers, Baking School Instructor

Vietnamese CinnamonVietnamese Cinnamon

"Pungent, aromatic, spicy – there is no better cinnamon out there."

-Elisabeth Berthasavage, Baking School Events Coordinator

Round Parchment PaperRound Parchment Paper

"This super-helpful item not only discourages sticking, but also makes cleanup easy!"

-Jessica Myers, Baking School Instructor

The Most-Beloved Products

according to you, our customers


Pure Vanilla PlusPure Vanilla Plus

"This customer favorite will help elevate all of your desserts."

-Maranda Odegard, Baker Support Specialist

Gluten-Free Cornbread MixGluten-Free Cornbread Mix

"This cornbread mix goes great with a batch of chili!"

-David Binkley, Bakers Support Specialist

Folding Bread ProoferFolding Bread Proofer

"Hardcore bread bakers love our temperature-controlled proofer."

-Morgan Duncan, Digital Engagement Team Lead

Cranberry-Orange Scone MixCranberry Orange Scone Mix

"For a holiday breakfast, our customers love this best-selling mix!"

-Martina Pochop, Customer Support Team Lead

Rolling MatRolling Mat

"Customers like giving this as a gift; it's super useful for crusts or sticky doughs."

-Amy Cohn, Customer Support Shift Leader

Black CocoaBlack Cocoa

"Our super dark cocoa adds rich chocolate flavor to bakes."

-Morgan Duncan, Digital Engagement Team Lead

Brownie Bowl PanBrownie Bowl Pan

"Turn your brownies, cake or cornbread into edible bowls with this durable pan."

-David Binkley, Bakers Support Specialist

Sparkling White SugarSparkling White Sugar

"Sprinkle this non-melting sugar on cookies or scones for a crunchy, sweet finish."

-Martina Pochop, Customer Support Team Lead

Better Cheddar Cheese PowderBetter Cheddar Cheese Powder

"I always keep this in my pantry. It's so, so good on popcorn."

-Amy Cohn, Customer Support Shift Leader

Baker's Rewards PlusBaker's Rewards Plus

"This is a gift for yourself. Join, amass points you can trade in for discounts, and enjoy free shipping on orders over $25."

-Morgan Duncan, Digital Engagement Team Lead

Espresso PowderEspresso Powder

"A definite customer favorite, espresso powder elevates chocolate desserts."

-Maranda Odegard, Baker Support Specialist

Pullman Loaf PanPullman Loaf Pan

"What's cooler than a loaf of homemade bread? A perfectly shaped loaf of bread!"

-David Binkley, Baker Support Specialist

The Best Stocking Stuffers

according to the King Arthur Test Kitchen


MicroplaneMicroplane Zester

"I use this essential tool for grating whole spices, like nutmeg, and zesting citrus."

-Lee Clark, Test Kitchen Coordinator

Everything Bagel ToppingEverything Bagel Topping

"From bagels to biscotti to buns to toast – it's good on everything!"

-Molly Marzalek-Kelly, Senior Recipe Developer

Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Buttermilk Pancake Mix

"When you don't know what to make for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner), allow this mix to step in."

-Molly Marzalek-Kelly, Senior Recipe Developer

Fiori di Sicilia

Fiori di Sicilia

"This flavoring tastes like citrus and vanilla (think: creamsicle), and is an affordable way to spoil the baker in your life."

-Molly Marzalek-Kelly, Senior Recipe Developer

SAF Red Instant YeastSAF Red Instant Yeast

"Enough with the small grocery store packets of yeast!"

-Molly Marzalek-Kelly, Senior Recipe Developer

Bundt BrushBundt Brush

"Makes easy work of scraping stuck-on bits from any detailed pan."

-Sarah Jampel, Recipe Development and Test Kitchen Manager

Pure Maple SugarPure Maple Sugar

"Made in Vermont, this adds great depth of flavor to your cookies and glazes (it's also good on toast)."

-Molly Marzalek-Kelly, Senior Recipe Developer

Spectacular SpatulaSpectacular Spatula

"Great for folding a delicate sponge, tackling thick cookie dough, or slathering on buttercream."

-Sarah Jampel, Recipe Development and Test Kitchen Manager

Pizza WheelPizza Wheel

"A handy tool for pizza, obviously, but also useful for crackers and pastry dough."

-Lee Clark, Test Kitchen Coordinator

Mini Wheat Stripes TowelMini Wheat Stripes Towel

"Extra thick and durable, this towel is both attractive and practical."

-Lee Clark, Test Kitchen Coordinator

Store Bestsellers

according to the employee-owners who work there


Cranberry-Orange Quick Bread and Braided Loaf Pan SetCranberry-Orange Quick Bread and Braided Loaf Pan Set

"This winning combo delivers: It's the perfect host gift."

-Robyn Sargent, Retail Sales Associate

Tiered Cooling RackTiered Cooling Rack

"A great addition for a small kitchen, especially during a holiday cookie marathon."

Robyn Sargent, Retail Sales Associate

Fresh Sourdough Starter and Glass Crock Set

Fresh Sourdough Starter and Glass Crock Set

"Dream of pulling crisp-crusted sourdough breads from your oven? This kit can help make that dream a reality!"

-Robyn Sargent, Retail Sales Associate

Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven

"From slow-cooking to baking beautiful loaves, this quality ceramic delivers."

-Robyn Sargent, Retail Sales Associate

Boiled CiderBoiled Cider

"Deliciously intense and fruity, boiled cider adds apple-y sweetness wherever it goes."

-Robyn Sargent, Retail Sales Associate

Gingerbread Cake and Cookie MixGingerbread Cake and Cookie Mix

"I love that this best-selling mix makes either roll-out or drop cookies."

-Sonya Danford, Retail Assistant Manager

The Best Gifts for Kid Bakers

according to employee-owners who are parents


Pastry Bag and Tips SetPastry Bag and Tips Set

"My kids love frosting, and they feel like pro pastry chefs when they use this set."

-Carey Underwood, Director of Mission Partnerships & Programs

Sparkle SyrupSparkle Syrup

"This Vermont maple syrup – with sparkles! – will delight young bakers"

-Lindsay Sturman, Vice President of Direct Operations

Starry Christmas Tree Springerle MoldStarry Christmas Tree Springerle Mold

"The molds are so beautiful – this year, I might try baking these traditional German cookies with my sons."

-Melanie Wanders, Research & Development Specialist

Baker in Training TeeBaker in Training Tee

"There's nothing cuter than a little-little sporting some King Arthur swag."

-Ashley Buck, Retirement Plan Manager

Masa HarinaMasa Harina

"Our kids love rolling out balls of our masa harina, and I love eating tacos!"

-John Henry Siedlecki, Vice President of Innovation

Tortilla PressTortilla Press

"A productive opportunity for kids to smash things flat? Always a win."

-John Henry Siedlecki, Vice President of Innovation

Dog Biscuit MixesDog Biscuit Mixes

"Our kids love making biscuits for the other two "babies" in the family."

-John Henry Siedlecki, Vice President of Innovation

Dog Bone PanDog Bone Pan

"Homemade dog biscuits? Good. Homemade dog biscuits shaped like little bones? Better!"

-John Henry Siedlecki, Vice President of Innovation

Cinnamon Roll MixCinnamon Roll Mix

"While we usually bake from scratch, using a mix makes kid-friendly baking easier."

-Alex McLeod, Commercialization Coordinator

Baker in Training ApronBaker in Training Apron

"This cute apron helps to spare clothes from (inevitable) mess."

-Ashley Buck, Retirement Plan Manager

Confetti Pancake MixConfetti Pancake Mix

"A bag of this pancake mix will delight young bakers (and eaters) of all ages."

-Lindsay Sturman, Vice President of Direct Operations

Deliciously Simple Chocolate Cake MixDeliciously Simple Chocolate Cake Mix

"When all the grown-ups around tell my daughter it’s the best chocolate cake they’ve ever had, you can see the pride and joy (under the crumbs) all over her face."

-Diana Moran, Commercialization Manager

The Best Gifts for the Pizza Lover

according to employee-owner Martin Philip, Baking Ambassador


Detroit-Style Pizza PanDetroit-Style Pizza Pan

"Buy this heavy-duty pan for the deep-dish lovers in your life."

Baking SteelBaking Steel

"Virtually indestructible and retains heat perfectly, ensuring your pizza will have a well-browned crust."

Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven

Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven

"This propane-fueled tabletop oven can cook a leopard-spotted pizza in 90 seconds flat, but that's not all. I also use mine to cook fish, roast vegetables, and bake bagels."

00 Pizza Flour

'00' Pizza Flour

"What's homemade pizza without great flour? Ensure the pizza lover in your life has a steady supply of our '00' Pizza Flour."

Semolina FlourSemolina Flour

"This flour is the key to a homemade pizza that slides easily off the peel."

Pizza PeelPizza Peel

"Use this peel to (gracefully!) launch pizzas into the oven."

The Best Gifts for Cake Bakers

according to Wilhelm Wanders, Master Pastry Chef


Round Cake PansRound Cake Pans

"These pans are a staple in the pastry baker's kitchen."

Offset SpatulaOffset Spatula

"Essential for making cakes, the offset spatula becomes an extension of your hand."

Pastry Bags

Pastry Bags

"If you want to decorate like a pro, you need to invest in pastry bags. Use the tiniest ones to decorate sugar cookies; the larger ones to decorate a cake."


Thermapen One

"Whether you're making pastry cream or candy, a precise thermometer, like this one, ensures consistency."

Scoop and SifterScoop and Sifter

"Use this simple, very useful scoop and sifter to sift dry ingredients."

Pastry BrushPastry Brush

"Though this is a basic tool, it's worth buying the best quality."

The Best Baking Books of the Year

according to our Editorial Team


The King Arthur Baking School Cookbook

The King Arthur Baking School: Lessons and Recipes for Every Baker

"Yes, we’re a little biased, but we truly believe this cookbook – our first with recipe photos throughout! – will help everyone bake better. Our Baking School instructors have packed it full of essential skills, inspiring techniques, and mouthwatering recipes."

-Rossi Anastopoulo, Blog Editor

Flour PowerFlour Power,
Tara Jensen

-David Tamarkin, Editorial Director

The Perfect LoafThe Perfect Loaf,
Maurizio Leo

-Sarah Jampel, Recipe Development and Test Kitchen Manager

Savory BakingSavory Baking,
Erin McDowell

-Kye Ameden, Associate Recipe Editor

Justice of the PiesJustice of the Pies,
Maya Camille-Broussard

-Rossi Anastopoulo, Blog Editor

DelectableDelectable: Sweet & Savory Baking,
Claudia Fleming

-Rossi Anastopoulo, Blog Editor

The Pain d'AvignonThe Pain d'Avignon Baking Book,
Uliks Fehmiu

-Martin Philip, Baking Ambassador

Sweet Land of LibertySweet Land of Liberty,
Rossi Anastopoulo

-Jessica Battilana, Staff Editor

Heads up: At King Arthur, we only recommend the cookbooks that we, as bakers, truly love. When you buy through external links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

The Best Splurges

for bakers who want to go big


Ankarsrum Stand Mixer

Ankarsrum Stand Mixer

"I can't imagine loving an inanimate object more – this powerful Swedish-made stand mixer makes every baking task a breeze, from mixing heavy doughs to whipping delicate meringues. Bonus, it looks impressive on the counter."

-Laura Scaduto, Copywriter

Double Sided Belgian Waffle MakerDouble Sided Belgian Waffle Maker

"If you like waffles as much as I do, then treat yourself to this one, which makes two extra-thick Belgian-style waffles at once."

-Molly Marzalek-Kelly, Senior Recipe Developer

Zojirushi Virtuoso Plus Bread MachineZojirushi Virtuoso Plus Bread Machine

"No need to use a special bread machine recipe: You can make your family favorites using the customizable settings."

-Amanda Schlarbaum, Customer Support Team Lead

Electric GriddleElectric Griddle

"I finally bought one for myself and I love that the large size allows for big-batch pancake making."

-Molly Marzalek-Kelly, Senior Recipe Developer

E-Gift CardE-Gift Card

"The beauty of virtual gift cards is that your recipient can spend it on whatever their heart desires, including classes at our Baking School."

-Jessica Battilana, Staff Editor

Vanilla Extract

Pure Vanilla Extract

"This vanilla is a practical luxury, like nice pajamas, and will delight even the bakers-who-have everything."

-Jessica Battilana, Staff Editor

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