A headshot of Maggie Perry

About Maggie Perry

Employee-owner since 2011

Though Maggie doesn’t hold a culinary degree, she’s had considerable on-the-job training, working on the café, bakery, chocolate room, test kitchen, Baker’s Hotline and on the customer service teams in her 11-year tenure with the company. 

Maggie’s father owned several restaurants and was an executive chef for fine-dining restaurants, so naturally, Maggie recalls, he spent entire life telling her not to pursue a career in food service. Alas, the apple did not fall far from the tree, and she likes to think that her dad would approve of her job at King Arthur Baking.  

Maggie’s favorite things to bake are pies. She loves that you can capture the feeling of a whole season with a simple, humble pie: the tangy excitement and newness of spring in strawberry rhubarb, the chilly crisp days of fall in an apple-ginger, and nearly every season in between with figs, blueberries, peaches, raspberries and more.