Sourced Non-GMO Program

Sourced Non-GMO Program

To build awareness and a more transparent understanding of the food we produce, we've instituted a program to help consumers identify that no GMO ingredients are added to King Arthur brand products, with the temporary exception of an ingredient in one product.*

When we label a product "Sourced Non-GMO," you can be assured that the product has been manufactured with ingredients that are non-GMO going all the way back to their seed.

Based on Experience

We have chosen to base our program on the standards of the European Union (EU) regarding GMO ingredients. The EU has some of the strictest GMO regulations in the world, which have been in place for nearly two decades.

The European Union has a comprehensive and strict legal regime on genetically modified organisms and food and feed made from, consisting of, or containing GMOs.

You may also view a complete run-down of the EU regulations

GMOs in King Arthur products

All King Arthur Flour brand products, including our flours, gluten-free line, baking mixes, and premium ingredients are made without the use of GMOs, with the temporary exception of an ingredient in one product.* Some will include our Sourced Non-GMO badge on the packaging to identify them as such, while others are also verified by the Non-GMO Project and carry the Non-GMO Verification seal. Some products of ours may not contain either label but are still sourced non-GMO.

For a comprehensive walkthrough of GMOs and King Arthur Flour Baking, including our definition of “GMO,” we encourage you to visit our GMO-Labeling FAQ.

*Due to supplier constraints related to the pandemic, the allulose in our new Baking Sugar Alternative doesn’t meet non-GMO criteria. All other ingredients in this product are sourced non-GMO and our team is hard at work to establish a stable, high-quality source of allulose that is non-GMO. It’s our intention to update this ingredient as soon as we’re able to do so.