Gluten-Free Flax Seed Bread

Tired of your gluten free bread failing in your bread machine? Are you ready for a soft, healthy loaf of gluten free bread that only involves one pan? The Zojirushi Virtuoso is here with an exclusive setting for your favorite gluten-free recipes. Enjoy this bread, studded with nutritious flax seeds, as an accompaniment to your usual sandwich toppings; or simply toasted and dressed with creamy butter.

20 mins
1 hr
2 hrs 45 mins
1 loaf
Gluten-Free Flax Seed Bread


  1. Place all the liquid ingredients (milk, eggs, vinegar, oil, and honey) into the bucket of your Zojirushi Virtuoso.

  2. Place all the dry ingredients on top; there's no need to stir.

  3. Choose the gluten-free setting on the machine, and the desired crust setting; press start.

  4. When the cycle is finished and the bread is done, turn it out of the pan onto a rack to cool.