June 7, 2022 at 4:04pm

Oky doky. This gets a hardy 2 thumbs up.

I mostly followed the recipe. I had actually made the milk bread slurry after breakfast thinking I would make a loaf of that. Then I decided I wanted to make this bread with sourdough discard. I wasn't feeling terribly decisive.

I used 170 grams of white whole wheat flour + 100 grams of AP flour for the 270 grams of AP flour. I realize that the extra protein in the white whole wheat flour would chew up more water, so I tossed in the milk bread slurry.

I also cut the sourdough discard I used to 150grams (from 180 grams) to accommodate the extra water from the milk bread slurry. I put these in when the sourdough discard was to go in per the instructions. After mixing 1-2 minutes, it was a bit looser than the picture in the recipe suggested so I added a few tablespoons of AP flour. After mixing that 1-2 minutes more, the batter-dough looked more like the photo.

My sourdough discard is a mix of white whole wheat & rye. I baked it in the toaster over and it came out great. I managed to wait for it to cool. I've had two untoasted slices already.

This recipe is a keeper... even if I used it just as a guideline. :) Thank you!

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