Louis Sorensen

February 22, 2021 at 1:45pm

Our family has not had homemade pierogi and golumpki since my grandmother passed. After seeing this recipe I decided that this weekend would be Polish weekend! I found that this dough lends itself nicely to being made in a food processor (forgive me Babu...). I didn't let the butter get totally room temperature soft, but I placed the cold stick between sheets of parchment and beat it flat like a beurrage when doing croissants. The butter was soft and pliable but still cold. I added flour and the salt to the processor and pulsed briefly to combine, then added the butter in chunks and pulsed until the mixture was like a coarse sand. Then added the egg and sour cream and ran it until everything came together and formed a rough ball. Took it out and kneaded briefly to combine stray pieces and form a cohesive ball. At this point the dough was too warm and soft to roll or cut because the food processor heats up the butter, so it is really important at this point to wrap the dough and refrigerate at least 30 minutes before using. I made the dough and the potato filling the night before (did the "ruskie" filling shown in the blog but substituted whole milk ricotta for the farmers cheese), and stuffed, boiled and fried them the next day while the golumpki were in the oven. Everything came out great! Thanks for th recipe and the inspiration!

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