Kat at King Arthur

June 25, 2020 at 3:58pm

In reply to by LLP (not verified)

You're quite right that everyone deserves love! And it’s always good to see folks like yourself who are committed to sharing love with all people. But we also know that people want to feel loved and celebrated for who they are, and not by ignoring who they are. And since some groups of people have historically been excluded from many parts of the baking world based on things like their race, gender, and sexual orientation, we feel that it’s particularly important in this moment to go out of our way to let people know that they have a place in our kitchen as their whole, authentic selves, where it’s not necessary to hide or downplay parts of their lives that make up a key part of how they experience things. As Frank mentions here in his story, he began sharing this part of his life with others at a time when it was often very risky to do so. Our goal in sharing these stories is to let people know that this is a safe and welcoming place where you’ll never need to choose between sharing your love of baking and sharing who you are.

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