April 30, 2020 at 6:58pm

Wow, this article was incredible and answered so many questions. I have about a 1/2 lb of SAF instant yeast that was in my freezer for possible 10 years. I broke it out and nervously attempted my first yeasted bread in several years and it was incredible. Great rise. It inspired me to start baking again which always leads me to KAF site. I’ve offered it to many people looking for yeast and they all demure. I suspect age discrimination. I’ve posted pictures of well developed loaves but no takers. LOL. One friend was inspired to order their own SAF Instant yeast for herself though so, cheers to that. Trying my hand at baguettes now, they are tough and I’m not sure my yeast isn’t letting me down just a tad but it’s probably more my dough mixing / slashing. I did use the slower rise option on the classic baguette and thought the flavor was amazing. Love the videos, love the blogs, love the products. And message to all the nervous bakers out there: Don’t give up on your old yeast people. It may still have life in the old buggers yet!!!

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