Karen White

May 15, 2020 at 9:07am

I've just made this bread for the first time and hope you can help me with a couple of queries. I gave the dough one hour initial rise, then one and a half hours proving. I couldn't use KA flour as it's not available in the UK, instead I used a supermarket branded Canadian Extra Strong white bread flour and I wonder if using the different flour accounts for the following- after rising well in the first rise and second prove it didn't rise very much in the oven. It took longer to bake (I gave it a total of 50 minutes) and when I sliced the loaf it seemed slightly denser in texture right at the bottom. It is still very good to eat but I'd appreciate any tips on making it even better next time. It was kneaded by hand.
By the way, I love the tip to use melted butter to soften the crust.

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