August 26, 2018 at 12:52pm

I am in Texas where summer temps can easily be 100+. I was just researching meringue type frostings. Although not healthy, I almost always use a shortening based buttercream. My customers love the taste and have commented “I recommended you to a friend because you don’t use that shortening garbage”. I did not correct them. It really depends on the other ingredients used. The flavorings, brands, make a huge difference and the addition of either powdered coffee creamer or powdered milk make the icing non-greasy in the mouth. They do give completely different flavors though. My point is that shortening based icings can be quite delicious. The FDA has mandated that all transfat be removed from all shortening, making them healthier. The use of a high ratio shortening which has a different base is what most of us use now.
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