Barb at King Arthur

May 29, 2020 at 12:38pm

In reply to by Ellie (not verified)

Hi Ellie, if you saw some good growth on the 25th, this might be an indication that you need step up your feeding routine with twice a day feedings. For optimum yeast activity you want to try to feed your starter when it's at its highest point of rising, or just beginning to fall, so it will be helpful to keep a close eye on it. I would try to store your starter somewhere that is in the 70-80°F (21-26°C) range. If your room temperature is generally in the low seventies, that should work fine, with no need to resort to the oven with the light on. Hopefully your starer will begin to rise predictably and you'll be ready to start baking bread soon! Let us know how it goes. 


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