Kye Ameden, post author

March 26, 2019 at 4:14pm

In reply to by SMSH (not verified)

Thanks for reading and checking to make sure the photos and captions were correct. Let's see if we can clarify: The first picture shows a loaf baked in a cold Dutch oven (left) vs. one made in a preheated Potato Pot (right). (The cold Dutch oven loaf is notably shorter than the preheated Potato Pot.) For the next round of testing, I made two loaves both in Potato Pots — one was made in a cold Potato Pot (left) and the other in a preheated Potato pot (right). (The loaves on the left aren't the same loaf in both pictures.) I couldn't believe how well the loaf baked in the cold Potato Pot turned out. It looks almost the same as the one baked in the preheated pot. I've added additional language to the second caption to make it clearer. We hope this helps! Kye@KAF
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