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November 7, 2017 at 11:23am

In reply to by Mish (not verified)

As a general rule, Mish, we suggest subbing solid fats for solid fats and liquid fats for liquid fats. In this case that would mean using a non-dairy fat that's also a soft solid at room temperature for the dough, and a liquid (or melted solid) fat for the filling and topping. We've found Earth Balance's Vegan Buttery Sticks to be the best non-dairy approximation of butter, so we'd suggest giving them a try in the dough if they work for you (they are certified kosher). They could also be melted and used in place of the melted butter called for in the filling and topping, or you could use an oil instead. To sub out the dry milk powder called for in the dough, simply use a non-dairy milk heated to lukewarm in place of the dry milk + water called for. While these changes will have some effect on flavor and texture, we think you'll be equally happy with the results. Best of luck and happy baking! Mollie@KAF
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