Roberta Hill

February 27, 2017 at 7:47am

I use the banana loaf recipe from Anne Byrn's Cake Mix Doctor. I tweaked it with half a small can of mandarin oranges one day, and my four boys really enjoyed it. The oldest liked it so much I bought mini-loaf pans and made it weekly for him. All through high school he took a mini loaf in his lunch every day - he played football and could afford the calories. His friends used to joke it was "steroid bread" but several of the team moms asked for the recipe. When Anne came to Dallas on a book tour, I asked her to sign that page, and she added "I am thrilled this page is splattered!". I found out that his girlfriend liked it too but he wouldn't share his with her (he's 27 now!) so the next time he brought her for Sunday dinner, I gave her a batch and told her she didn't have to share with him!
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