February 22, 2017 at 7:57am

No-knead breads also bake well in a dutch oven using the cold oven start. In the past I did pre-heat the oven and the kettle, but pulling out the heavy really hot kettle and getting the dough into it and then getting the whole thing back into the oven was scary for me. Now I get the same results by putting the dough into the pot lined with parchment, letting it do its final rise there with the lid on. When it is time to bake, I put the pot with the lid on in a cold oven set the temp for 435 and the timer for 50 minutes. After 50 minutes I take off the lid and let the loaf get browned for 10 to 15 minutes or so. The other thing I do when I want a long oval loaf is to use the same method in a small roaster pan. I line with parchment, let let the dough rise in the roaster with the lid on, and then bake as above. The roaster gives the bread a nice shape and keeps the steam in for a nice chewy crust.
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