October 2, 2022 at 10:33am

My husband and I did an overall apple test years ago when we lived in Idaho. We gathered 18 different types of apples and put each one through “texture”, “eating raw” and ‘baking” tests. We were trying to figure out which apple we would want if we could only get one variety. Braeburn won hands down. It has a very crisp texture, a full body blend of sweetness and tartness and it bakes up wonderfully, not losing its wonderful flavor and although it softens a little as you would like in a pie, it still holds its shape and doesn’t turn mealy or disintegrate like so many.
My father-in-law got a real kick out of our little experiment and will always search for Braeburns when he goes shopping.
If you haven’t tried a pie with Braeburns, you’re really missing out.

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