Emily Kelly

January 23, 2022 at 6:12pm

Hi, I have enjoyed hearing about all of the varieties of apples used in your pies. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada, near Stanley Park downtown. I have a standard sized city lot of 33 feet wide and 132 feet long. I have planted a City Orchard of twenty-seven varieties of apples. I am growing the fruit trees close together, and will keep them pruned in the summer months to encourage them to stay small. My Orchard is only two years old, so I only get a sample of apples in the Fall. I am growing pie and eating varieties, from England, Europe The USA and Canadian. I am looking forward to baking many pies each Fall, to give away. I mix three to five varieties of apples that I buy at the produce store, year round. I mix them in each pie, and it creates an interesting texture, and flavour. I usually make several pies at a time, and give them away. I am retired and disabled with Fibromialgia, and Chronic Fatigue. I lie down and peel, and cut up my apples on a small cutting board on my lap. I have been doing this for many years. Baking and giving pies away, gives me great joy. The recipients enjoy the pies, and I have had fun making them.
May your day be filled with much love, laughter and ever soooo much joy. Best regards, Em.

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