July 15, 2022 at 10:59am

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Hello Arva,
I'm looking how to make yeast bread with Measure for Measure flour and decided to read ALL of this article (I'm one who usually skims thru blogs looking for the recipe.) Near the end PJ Hamel says this...
Now, there's one caveat: Measure for Measure shouldn't be used in yeast-based recipes (your grandma's dinner roll recipe, The New York Times' no-knead bread, etc.) Gluten-free yeast recipes need a whole different technique than regular yeast recipes. But do go ahead and use Measure for Measure (or our original King Arthur Gluten-Free Multi-Purpose Flour) in yeast recipes written specifically for gluten-free flour: either will work just fine...
...At the end of a long day of baking, I have one reaction: totally psyched! It's sooooo handy to be able to open any cookbook and change the recipe you want from standard to gluten-free – simply by substituting Measure for Measure.

Now I'm not so psyched as I was at the beginning of the article when she said you can replace with MFM in any recipe. You can't really, you do have to still search for the GF specified recipe. :(

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