Phyllis Trier

July 5, 2016 at 11:16am

A couple of tricks I've learned for fruit pies. To prevent a soggy bottom, take about 2 Tbls. of your sugar/starch/spice mixture and sprinkle it over the bottom of the unbaked pie shell. Then mix the rest into your fruit. Always, always top the filling with about 1 Tbls. of butter cut into little chunks, then put your top crust on. I like to brush the top with heavy cream, sprinkle with sugar, regular granulated or KA white crystal sugar, then cut your steam vents. If you bake it in a hot oven to start, 425 about 20-25 min. then reduce heat to 350 for another 30-35 min. you will have a beautiful golden crust and no soggy bottom. Remember to always cool the pie fully on a rack so the bottom doesn't steam.
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