September 17, 2017 at 7:04am

I can't tolerate any gum, carangeenan, guar, xanthan, etc. I have to spend a long time reading labels. If you're using it to make things sticky, then why aren't you using honey as a binder? Seems like it would be one step, sweetener, binder. For that matter, lecithin liquid is sticky, and so is molasses. Peanut butter? Other nut butters? And how does this compare to using psyllium husk powder or the gel that can be made from Flax seeds or even Oatmeal? What about eggs? Wouldn't enough eggs give you enough structure? Sure I can test all these things alone, but it would take me months, and I don't have your staff or test kitchen to rely on. I've been simply avoiding anything with any flour because I can't spend hours every day reading labels. It's so much easier to just skip it. That's why I'm upset that it seems like xanthan is in everything. Now when I see GF I think, oh well, it has gums in it. In the earlier part of the GF movement, I had a reason to read labels. Now, not so much. I think maybe the other ingredients are being ignored because of cost, not because of quality.
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