November 25, 2015 at 10:46am

Absolutely fabulous Hawaiian roll recipe! Tried it for the first time last night... got to the panning stage, and decided to stay awake the extra two hours to rise, bake, cool. Just couldn't resist after the texture, fragrance, working feel of this dough. My variables: - Used melted butter instead of 'softened'. An oops not paying attention to the microwave. - Used KAF cake pans instead of rectangular - noticed in the nick of time that my rectangular pan was flaking non-stick.... sent straight to the garbage. - Used Fleischmann's Quick Rise/Instant Yeast... one whole, one partial packet. - Made the dough in my bread machine. - Used butter flavored Crisco to grease the pans, my hands, my work surface, my cutting tools. - Baked pans one at a time, rotating and shifting between racks in my aging oven. Thinking of using this to make nutrolls (which I tried for the first time just this past weekend). Happy Thanksgiving, all!
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